Thursday, 24 July 2014

Support Complete Education

Today in our fast paced lives it is very difficult to patiently focus on one thing and thus we tend to ignore important things in life many times. Complete Education is one of such things. We have to understand that
Complete Education is not an option, but the need of the hour”

Complete Education includes gaining knowledge on practical subjects plus gaining life experience through methods like spiritual meditation, prayers, social service, nature care, animal care and lot more. This divine fusion of education helps leading a better life in a better manner.

How is lack of complete education affecting our life?
·         Rise in crime rates
·         More cases of road rage incidents
·         Getting into unnecessary arguments with people
·         Losing temper easily
·         Being egoistic and failing to show kindness when needed
·         Ill-treatment of elderly
·         Selfish acts like de-forestation
·          Animal cruelty etc.
But we can change this together by supporting the concept of complete education. We can do this by not only spreading the word across but also actively contributing in whatever way we can. And one of the ways we can do this by supporting people or organizations who help provide complete education.
One of such educational institutions is The Bhakivedanata Gurukula & International School (BGIS), which is a product of ISKCON.  BGIS is coming up with a new campus which aims to imbibe the concept of complete education and use it to create better people for a better world. The intention of this new campus is noble and is for the betterment of the society. Thus, it makes it our moral responsibility to support something this noble and good.

How Can You Help?

Donate Rs. 2100 for 10 months and your name will get engraved on the stone, build from your contribution. 

Call Now- +91- 8468869001

“Support Complete Education; Contribute Towards a Better Future; Make India proud.”

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