Thursday, 10 July 2014

Save Cows Now Before It’s Too Late

Cows in our country are worshipped, but it seems that is just for show. On one hand we are worshipping cows and on the other hand we seem to hardly care about them.

What cows get to eat?
·         Garbage
·         Rotten food
·         Plastic Bags
·         Leftovers in dumps
·         Dirty grass
·         And they get to drink dirty water too

Where do cows get to live?
·         In Garbage dumps
·         Near sewers
·         On busy roads
·         In dirty streets

How Do they get Affected?
·         They contract diseases due to dirty water and rotten food
·         They fall sick due to consumption of plastic bags
·         They get slaughtered when no one is taking care of them
·         They get hit by vehicles when roaming on busy roads

And ultimately… They DIE A PAINFUL DEATH!!!
We are all responsible for this pathetic position of cows irrespective of the fact whether we slaughtered one or not, whether we hit one on the road or not, whether we own a cow shelter or not. We are responsible because neither did we helped anyone do it nor did we do it ourselves.
Be honest and think, what was the last time we donated or contributed anything towards the care or welfare of a poor cow? We can spend Rs 500 on a meal in a restaurant, but we think 10 times even before donating Rs 50 towards care of an innocent poor and noble creature such as a cow.
But let’s let bygones be bygones and make a fresh start. Lets help the cows in all the ways we can.

What Can We Do?
·         Donate for cow shelter
·         Donate for cow food
·         Donate for cow health and medication
·         Donate for water and other basic facilities for cow
·         Donate for total cow care
By donating for this noble cause we not only help this poor animal but also achieve a humble level of soul satisfaction of doing a good karma. So let’s make this ‘Good Karma’ our ‘Daily Karma’ and save cows from dying a miserable and dreadful death.

Bhaktivedanta Gurukula & International School (A Product of ISKCON) has taken an initiative via its new campus(New BGIS), in the form of Project Surabhi which aims to provide facilities for total care of a cow’s health, food, medication and living space. You can donate foe this noble project of cow care and show your kind support.
To Donate Call +91- 8468869001 or

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