Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Value of Complete Education

When we talk about value, we generally think in terms of monetary value, i.e. price. Be it a job or a business; an investment or a sale; a life partner or a business partner, everything today is weighed in terms of monetary value. It’s not anybody’s fault that we think like this, it is what we are generally taught as the mantra to survive in this competitive world. Yes, it is important but what we forget is that there is something even more important – “human values”

We work on computers but we are not one ourselves. Human values and emotions is what separates us from simple logic thinking machines and we should learn how to maintain it this way. And this is where the concept of ‘complete education’ plays a vital role. With complete education people in our society and nation as a whole learn much more than just modern subject knowledge. They learn:
·         Respect for other people
·         Care for nature and environment
·         Being kind towards the animals
·         Being helpful towards the needy
·         Doing charity and donation as our responsibility towards the betterment of our society & nation as a whole.

It’s Time to Act Now!!

Yes, it’s high time that we understand that if we want betterment of our society, it is us who have to work towards it. And one of the great ways to do it is support the world renowned organization ISKCON in their noble initiative for imparting complete education via their upcoming unique new global school campus of their existing school BGIS (Bhaktivedanta Gurukula & International School).
This new campus aims to imbibe the concept of complete education and use it to create better people for a better world. The intention of this new campus is noble and is for the betterment of the society. Thus, it makes it our moral responsibility to support something this noble and good.

How Can You Help?

Donate 2100 for 10 months and your name will get engraved on the stone, build from your contribution.

Call Now- +91- 8468869001

“Support Complete Education; Contribute Towards a Better Future; Make India proud.”

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