Friday, 13 June 2014

Education – A way to create balance in life

When we talk about education, the first few things that generally come to our mind are subjects, degree, institution, marks etc. But little do we think of things that are what we call the bigger picture. We need to look beyond the visible and think freely. The education that encourages people to think freely, evaluate without any bias and take decisions using both logic & emotions is education in true sense. For sure education is useful in building a good career, but it makes more sense when it plays a vital role in shaping our life too. Thus, one should understand that the process of learning never stops and thus the source of education should not be limited to textbooks. There are many other things that happen in our daily lives from which we can learn like:

  •  Talking to our teachers about things apart from course subjects
  •  Listening to advices from our elders
  •   Hanging out with friends
  •   Spending time alone analyzing people and their behavior
  •   Spending time with nature
  • Learning from our everyday mistakes and lots more…
It is the above things along with our formal education that gives us the true way to lead a fruitful life. ISKCON, is one of the famous global organizations that truly believes in spirituality as an important part of education. The Bhaktivedanta Gurukula and International School (BGIS), which is a product of ISKCON is coming up with a mammoth education project in the form of a global school which will be home to 600 school students and 400 college students. This will give children an opportunity to get complete education which will be a beautiful combination of spiritual and modern education. People can come forward and help BGIS & ISKCON by giving their contribution in the form of donations to sponsor a child’s education. This noble work of charity will help the children become better human beings and make the world better by their good deeds. To donate and see more related details, 
one can visit their website –

As truly quoted by a famous American philosopher John Dewey ~ “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself”

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