Saturday, 21 June 2014

Contribution for a Child’s Education
Population has been one of the major issues our country is and has been facing for long. Especially in village areas, people are not well aware of family planning measures due to which the control on population becomes weak. And this in turn pushes these people more below the poverty line. With lack of money and more mouths to eat; the common solution for them becomes not sending their children to school. One reason being lack of money for education and second reason being the thinking that these children are better of earning than learning.

This is one of the major factors why children are not getting educated and strong steps need to be taken to help educate such underprivileged children. And one of these steps is charity. Yes! Helping a needy child with education will not only bring prosperity to his/her future but also happiness to the society and priceless blessings for you. There are many ways in which such charity can be done like:
  •    Personally helping children to study by teaching them for free.
  •  Contributing small amounts of donation to NGOs helping educate children.
  •  Donating good amount of money directly to children’s parents.
  • Sponsoring a child via a medium of donating fees for that child’s education to the school in which he studies.
ISKCON, is one of the famous global organizations that supports the importance of education. The Bhaktivedanta Gurukula and International School (BGIS) is a product of ISKCON. It is coming up with a global school which will give children an opportunity to get complete education in the form of both spiritual and modern education. You can help BGIS & ISKCON by giving donations to sponsor a child’s education. for donating and more related details, kindl.

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